106182B: Front suspension bush kit


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KIT ID: 106182B

Name: Front suspension bush kit


  • Mazda RX-7 FD 92-02


  • 2x 101692B Front anti roll bar bush
  • 4x 101693A Front upper arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 101694A Front lower arm – front bush SPORT
  • 2x 101695A Front lower arm – rear bush SPORT

Some bushes in the kit are only available in 90ShA hardness (yellow) because the original rubber bush is made of a hard rubber compound.
The use of the 80ShA hardness bush (red) will reduce the driving of the car to the original rubber bush.

Pcs / Kit: 10

Hardness: 80ShA


To every product we add grease!

Weight 2,178 kg
Front ARB diameter

28mm, 29mm

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