116244B: Full suspension bush kit

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KIT ID: 116244B

Name: Full suspension bush kit


  • Mercedes E-Class W210 4MATIC


  • 2x 111880B Front anti roll bar bush
  • or
  • 2x 111814B Front anti roll bar – inner bush
  • 2x 111815B Front anti roll bar – outer bush
  • 2x 111857A Front upper arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 111919B Front lower arm – front bush
  • 2x 111858B Front lower arm – front / rear bush
  • 2x 111960A Front shock mount bush SPORT
  • 2x 111817A Rear toe adjuster inner bush SPORT
  • 6x 111818B Rear control arm – inner bush
  • 6x 111819B Rear control arm – outer bush
  • 2x 111820B Rear track control arm – inner bush 33mm
  • 2x 111821B Rear anti roll bar bush
  • 2x 111961B Rear subframe – front bush
  • 2x 111962B Rear subframe – rear bush

Check anti roll bar diameter and the bush type in your car before placing order.
The E – W210 features two front anti roll bar bushes, 111814 or 111880 look at S1100

Pcs / Kit: 36


Hardness: 80ShA


To every product we add grease!

Weight 9,142 kg
Rear ARB diameter

13mm, 14mm, 15mm, 16mm, 17mm, 18mm, 19mm, 20mm, 21mm, 22mm

Front ARB type

111814, 111880

Inner ARB bush diameter

22mm, 23mm, 24mm, 25mm, 26mm, 27mm, 28mm, 29mm, 30mm

Outer ARB bush diameter

18mm, 22mm, 23mm, 25mm, 27mm, 28mm

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