Refund and Returns Policy


The payment methods used in this store are guaranteed safe.

  • Bank transfer
  • Paypal
  • Credit card


The shipment is made within 2 days after receiving the payment.
Shipping is done by UPS or DHL.
The customer is obliged to provide a valid address and to be able to receive the order at that address.
If the delivery company is unable to deliver because of the wrong address or because the customer is not available to receive the order, it will be your responsibility to pick up the order at one of the delivery company’s pick-up points.
Failure to deliver the order because of one of these reasons will be the responsibility of the customer.

Return & Refund

The customer has 14 days to return the product for one of the following reasons:

  • the product is defective, in these circumstances the amount paid for the return of the order is borne by mightflex and the customer will be refunded the purchase price.
  • The customer has repented and no longer wants the order. In these circumstances The customer is responsible for paying the shipping and return value and will be refunded the value of the order by subtracting the shipping value. The refund will be made when mightflex receives the order.

Prices and Price Reductions

Before completing the purchase, the customer should be aware of all costs inherent in the order: price of the product, taxes, shipping costs and other charges, if any.

In case of price reduction, it should be clear to the customer:

  • Mode applied: balance, promotion or liquidation;
  • Which products with reduced price;
  • Respective percentages;
  • Start date and duration of the sale, promotion or liquidation.
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