026264B: Full suspension polyurethane bush kit


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Product name: Full suspension polyurethane bush kit

Fits to:

  • Audi A8 D4 (09-17) Quattro
  • Audi S8 D4


  • 4x 021259B: Front upper wishbone bush
  • 2x 021973B: Front lower wishbone rear bush 75mm


  • 2x 021974B: Front lower wishbone rear bush 65mm
  • 2x 022042A: Front lower arm – inner bush SPORT
  • 2x 022043A: Front lower arm – outer bush SPORT
  • 2x 021285B: Front anti roll bar bush
  • 4x 021923B: Front anti roll bar link bush
  • 4x 021975A: Rear suspension – front arm bush SPORT
  • 4x 021976A: Rear suspension – upper arm bush SPORT
  • 2x 021977B: Rear lower arm – front bush
  • 2x 021978B: Rear lower arm – rear bush
  • 2x 021979B: Rear hub – front bush
  • 2x 221666B: Rear anti roll bar bush
  • 4x 021981B: Rear anti roll bar link bush
  • 4x 022045B: Rear subframe bush
  • 1x 021996B: Rear differential – front bush
  • 2x 021997B: Rear differential – rear bush


  • D0216
  • D0217
  • D0229
  • S0215

Required/car: 1

Pcs / prod: 1

Pcs / KIT: 43

Hardness: 80Sha


To every product we add grease!

Weight 10,816 kg
Front ARB diameter

25mm, 27mm, 29mm, 31mm

Rear ARB diameter

18,5mm, 18mm, 19,5mm, 19mm, 20,5mm, 20mm, 21,5mm

Front lower ARM bush

021973 – 75mm, 021974 – 65mm

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