276240B: Full suspension bush kit


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Product name: Full suspension bush kit

Fits to:

  • Subaru Legacy BM BR (09-14)


  • 2x 271803B: Front anti roll bar bush
  • 2x 271804B: Front control arm – rear bush
  • 2x 271529B: Front arm front bush
  • 2x 271610B: Rear trailing arm front bush
  • 2x 271611B: Rear trailing arm rear bush
  • 2x 271612B: Rear toe adjuster inner bush
  • 2x 271613B: Rear lower track control inner bush
  • 2x 271614B: Rear upper arm front bush
  • 2x 271615B: Rear upper arm rear bush
  • 2x 271805A: 271805A
  • 2x 271616B: Rear anti roll bar bush
  • 4x 271619B: Rear beam mount bush
  • 2x 271541B: Rear diff front mounting bush
  • 2x 271618B: Rear diff rear mounting bush


  • D2722
  • D2723


  • This kit fit only LEGACY models, not works with OUTBACK models.

Required/car: 1

Pcs / prod: 1

Pcs / KIT: 30

Hardness: 80Sha


To every product we add grease!

Weight 6,416 kg
Front ARB diameter

23mm, 24mm, 25mm

Rear ARB diameter

14mm, 16mm, 18mm, 20mm

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